I was depressed homesick in Bigg Boss Renee Dhyani

ReneeFresh out of “Bigg Boss 8”, former “Roadies” contestant Renee Dhyani says she has emerged stronger and more confident following her brief experience in the show. However, she admits she was lonely in the ‘house’.

How does it feel to come out of “Bigg Boss”?

“I’m a little disappointed and a little excited. Excited for the future. A whole road ahead waits for me. I want to start writing a screenplay and see where it goes. If it turns out well I’ll be directing next year. I also want to to get rid of my tomboyish image and take up acting on television. I don’t think there’s much space for tomboys on television or in films,” said the video jockey.

Expressing disappointment at her early eviction, she said: “I had lately become captain of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. That designation gave me the freedom and power to do certain things that I wanted to do, to try and set certain things in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house in order.

“But I was evicted so soon after being elected captain. The only reason I wish I had stayed on longer is to make positive use of my powers.”

But Renee has no regrets.

“I wasn’t quite enjoying myself in there. I was lonely, depressed and homesick. I missed my parents, especially my father who was unwell. I’m much relieved to tell you that my father is fine now.

“He expressed surprise that I was out of ‘Bigg Boss’ so soon. But he was relieved for my sake as he too felt that if I wasn’t comfortable in there I was better out of it,” she said.

And why was Renee uncomfortable inside “Bigg Boss”?

“I think the experience has made me prematurely wise. Although I was with so many people in there I realized I was on my own. I learnt to enjoy my own company. There are many things that you don’t get inside ‘Bigg Boss’ house. Birds in the sky, pictures on the wall, television…these are things that we take for granted in real life.

“They were denied to me inside ‘Bigg Boss; house. Returning to normal sights and sounds makes me realise what a precious gift life is,” she said.

Renee would miss only one thing from “Bigg Boss” — the voice of Bigg Boss.

“It followed me everywhere for the past few weeks. It has become a part of life. I will miss that.”

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