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Desi games one should steer clear of

While most western audiences wait for their favorite Hollywood superhero films to be turned into video games, the same cannot be said about the Indian audience, with regard to Bollywood. However, it comes as no surprise that some of our desi films are followed by the launch of video games based on them, which are ideally not purchased by anyone over the age of eleven. The games may be nothing more than promotional schemes and usually fail to attract too many consumers. Honestly, why play as Krrish, when you can play as Batman? Moreover, there is no guarantee that the game will be a hit only because the film earned millions. At least, such was not the case for Krrish 3: The Game which was based on the blockbuster hit Krrish 3.

Here’s a list of the recent Bollywood film-based games that one should steer clear of:

Lagaan Champions

Lagaan ChampionsIf you’re looking to feed the nostalgic feelings that the title brings back, then you’re looking in the wrong place. Based on the 2001 Indian epic sports drama film Lagaan, Lagaan Champions is a classic online cricket game that is of no comparison to the blockbuster hit. It does no more than to ruin the rustic look of the characters and does not offer an exquisite game play of any kind. Sure, it has a sensitized story attached to it, given they have to pay twice the amount of tax if they lose. But for a real cricket game experience, one should seek games like International Test Cricket.

Krrish 3: The Game

krrish-3-game-menuThe first Krrish game to be made was a fan made one that was rendered thoroughly unoriginal. It was criticised for being an amalgamation of Mario and Contra. Obviously, it came nothing close to the box office hit that the original science fiction superhero film went on to become. Later, an official Krrish 3 game was launched for Windows smartphones, tablets and PCs. It was based on the third film of the Krrish series as the name suggests. The game was developed by Hungama Digital Media Entertainment and Gameshastra and claimed that Krrish could perform “breathtaking” stunts and possessed various gadgets to destroy his enemies. The game did not slump as poorly as the fan made one.

Ra. One: The Game

ra oneUnlike the others, the Ra. One game was released just a month before the actual movie release, instead of after. Released for the Play Station, the game allows the player to play as either Ra. One or G. One. Actual voice-overs from Shah Rukh Khan are used, to add to the over-all effect. Ironically, the movie is based on video game characters that enter the real world. Even though the movie earned about twice as much as its original budget, it would be fair to suggest that the game turned out to be more of a warning sign than a promotional scheme.

Ghajini – The Game

Ghajini-TheGameBased on the 2008 psychological thriller, Ghajini- The Game is a third person action game, that is also known as India’s first true 3D PC game. As expected, the game follows the same story-line as the film. It was undoubtedly a much bigger hit as compared to the other games; for it went on to earn around 40 million. Sprawling over five levels, the game is rightly suited for Aamir Khan fans. However, it lacks originality and lasts only for a disappointing 15 minutes.

Don 2: The King is Back

don 2Another Shah Rukh Khan starrer, Don 2, did quite decently at the box office. Developed by Gameshastra Solutions Private Limited, the game is a third person action adventure game, including six chapters that follow the story-line from the film. It was the first Bollywood game to be launched online. However, it has been criticized for having a boring objective and uneven 3D movements.


ZNMDThe coming-of-age- comedy-drama, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, received a ton of positive reviews from critics and went on to become another blockbuster hit. The La Tomatina festival in the film seemed appealing and unique to the audience. Reliance Entertainment’s Jump Games released the official game for the film, four days after its release. However, the game looks very mediocre and does not earn points for conceptualization. It is no different from most food fight games and gets boring after a while.

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