Fawad Khan on his way in Bollywood

After his debut in Khoobsurat the Pakistani star has already been offered his second contract


Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan, the Pakistani hottie who has already created a stir in the waters of Bollywood is allegedly going to be back in BTown. Sources say that Akshat Verma, director of the hilarious and entertaining Delhi Belly has offered the 32-year-old a contract much different from the role of Prince Charming in his next as of now nameless project.

It has been whispered that the role will be a powerful drama with dashes of humour, quite unlike Fawad’s first film. Set to release this November, Fawad seems excited about the prospect of being back in bollywood and will be in India sooner than later.

Speaking about Sonam Kapoor, his first Indian co-star, Fawad calls her sweet and accommodating. He adds that he is very happy to receive such good treatment by people in Bollywood.

With his good looks and great acting skills, Fawad Khan has certainly added some much-needed masala to the Bollywood cooking pot. We can’t wait to see a larger-than-life Fawad Khan and we are on tenterhooks; wondering what his next role will be.

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