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Amitabh Bachchan‘s Yudh on Sony TV was being criticised for its slow pace. But wait, the serial seems ready for a take-off now. The fifth episode of Yudh is not slow.

The episode starts with Nayan getting a call from Mona telling that Yudh wants her to watch news. She gets happy watching news that Anuj Malik was behind hospital bomb blast and Yudh is innocent.

Yudh watches Mukesh’s channel and says only his channel is telling against him, asks Mona to take care of it. He gets a call from doctor who informs that Taruni came to his office and equired about his illness, and doc he did not tell her about Huntington’s disease. Yudh thanks him and wishes him happy journey. Taruni reaches her boyfriend’s home and asks his help to call doc’s clinic in British accent and get info about Yudh. Taruni gets sad seeing doc’s report that Yudh is suffering from Huntington’s disease.

Anand asks Yudh to tell what illness he has, so that he can handle if he gets any problem. Yudh informs Anand about his illness and his worries are his way to dead bed. Anand says this is serious and he has to obtain legal indemnity. Yudh says he has called lawyer tomorrow. He asks Anand to gift something to Mona as she worked hard. Anand says okay and goes out of room.

Yudh gets up from chair and gets Huntington attack. Anand  calls Dr. Mehra and informs him about Yudh’s attack. Dr. Mehra gets into his car and starts driving, but meets with an accident. Someone takes Yudh’s case file from his car.

Anand calls Taruni who rushes to Yudh’s office and gives him injection. Yudh relaxes after an injection. Anand asks Taruni how she knew that Yudh got an attack. She says she got suspicious seeing Dr. Ganatra and took file from his assitant. Nayan comes there and gets annoyed seeing Taruni. She asks Anand to inform her first whenever Yudh’s condition gets worse.

Anand reaches home and informs Preeti that he has arranged a nurse for their son. He gets a call from Dr. Mehra’s phone .Inspector informs about doctor’s accident. Inspector says the car bumped doctor’s car. Anand is shocked to see the car.

Taruni’s lawyer boyfriend sees his house open and starts searching thief holding a gun. He sees Taruni and asks why not she informed before coming. Taruni asks why he is holding gun. He says he has license. Taruni says she is my father and is reaching death each day, it is too late.

Yudh wakes up and asks Nayan about Taruni and Anand. She asks why not he hands over his business to Rishi. He says Rishi should get responsible. He says he wants to go home and rest. Anand informs Yudh about Dr. Mehra’s accident and realizes someone has kept microphone in office as nobody knew that Dr. Mehra was coming from old highway. He asks his security staff to search whole office. They search venue and find a microphone.

Mona sees Manju watching a video of her and her husband and says he will not come back. Manju gets angry.

Yudh says his staff is like a family to me and does not want them investigated. Dr. Ganatra informs Yudh over the phone that Dr. Mehra is having Yudh’s case file and to find about that.

Anand asks inspector if he found a file in Dr. Mehra’s car. Inspector says Dr. Mehra’s accident was from his company’s car and his company maybe wants to kill doctor Mehra. Mukesh’s new channel reportor reads news that Dr. Mehra’s accident was a conspiracy by Shanti Construction Company.

Anand informs Yudh about inspector doubting their company about doctor’s murder. Yudh asks him to find out who was driving their company’s car and asks Mona to handle Mukesh with a compromise. Taruni comes and asks about the news. Yudh says someone is trying to tarnish is image and asks her to call Dr. Ganatra and gets info about his illness and treat him till he returns.

Dharmesh sees Ashish at Mamta’s funeral and gets annoyed.

Anand informs Yudh that microphones were of high quality from abroad. Yudh orders Anand to ask his security officer to find it out. He meets Dr. Mehra’s family and says to call him if they need any help. Doctor informs Yudh that Dr. Mehra’s condition is critical.

Mukesh’s reporters discuss that they will spy on Anand and Mona. Lady reporter says Anand is important and to spy on him. Mukesh says Shanti Constructions are behind the doctor’s accident.He says this is the news and asks her to add some spice of murder. She says without evidence she cannot do that.

Dharmendra says commissioner that case is going against them. Lawyer says if the Mamta’s child is not Anuj’s, then it is difficult to prove Anuj of being not guilty. Dharmendra asks commissioner why not he informed him when Anuj came with a plan to ruin Yudh. Commissioner says he did not know about Anuj’s plan and says he will ruin him if he doubts on him.

Yudh has managed to pique our interest and even built the anticipation as Mona goes missing in coming episode . Here’s waiting for the thrills and spills to unfold in this 20-episode serial.

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7.7 Awesome
  • STAR CAST 10
  • Story - Plot, Dialogues, Script 7
  • Sound Track 6