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Sixth episode of Yudh offers many twists and turns. Ribhu Dasgupta is successful in holding back the fans by picking up the speed. Tueday’s episode was immensely interesting as it gives scope for new conspiracies and villains.

The episode begins with Naxalite woman in an auto follows Rishi’s car. Rishi gives cricket kits to the poor children and insists them to play. Naxalite woman continue to stare.

Shockingly, someone sitting in the back sit of Mona’s car tried to put handkerchief on her face just after she entered in her car. On otherside, a prisoner killed Anuj by using knife. Dharmendra receives the news of the death of his son inside the jail. He went to Asish’s house and promised to help in ruining Yudh.

Doctor Mehra’s son gives controversial statement to Police Inspector that some big shot is behind his dad death. He further dramatized his statement which will creates doubt against Yudh being behind the accident.

Mukesh shouts on the lady reporter for not telecasting the news on their channel. The lady reporter didn’t carry the news as she had words with Mona. After watching the news, Yudh got angry and called Mona. Anand came to Yudh’s house and they both discussed about the issue.

Anand got hold of Mukesh’s son while stealing the ban drugs from Mukesh’s clinic. Yudh and Anand told Mukesh’s wife about the misdeds of his son and also the video in Anand’s mobile.

Yudh agrees to organise a press conference and inform the media about his illness after the advice of Taruni. Taruni had a fight with her boyfriend as he didn’t want her to treat Yudh. Taruni went to the press conference in an auto. A car followed the Taruni’s auto. Someone in the car shot the auto driver. But Taruni went to the press conference with her boyfriend.

Amitabh Bachchan gives brilliant performance in the press conference. He is a living legend. He will compel you to cry in that scene. This episode is worth watching. The new twists of Mona’s missing and Anuj’s murder in the sixth episode of Yudh, will attract and hold the audience.

Ribhu Dasgupta, please keep introducing new twists with each episode and maintain the pace.

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8.0 Awesome
  • STAR CAST 10
  • Story - Plot, Dialogues, Script 8.5
  • Sound Track 6
  • Speed (Anti Drag factor) 8.5
  • Presentation - Cinematography, Show time, Emotions 7
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