Yudh review 11 Aug 2014

Yudh (Hindi: युद्ध)
Yudh (Hindi: युद्ध)

Yudh‘s seventeenth episode is an intriguing one. Things picked up pace in this episode. Episode 17 of Yudh aired was pretty awesome.

This episode was so good that the actors in supporting roles, for whom there was either no real purpose in the show or their potential was not being fully utilised, fit perfectly! Now, pitch was set up for all the sub plots to be fully solved for the story. It almost solved the most dragged out sub-plot in this entire series, the mining plant story!

Thank god for the dramatic crescendo beginnings and endings create, because if not for that, I’m sure the story would have been stretched further into areas not meant for the show to enter, just like the countless TV shows on Indian Television today.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, an actor I hoped would join the show earlier, was barely on screen and seems to have done it more as a favour to Anurag Kashyap than for anything else. However, I hardly seemed to have missed him this episode due to the back-in-form Amitabh Bachchan and, surprisingly, Pavail Gulati.

Speaking of Pavail Gulati (Rishi Sikarwar), I especially liked the way the makers went about solving the Mining Plant plot problem. It was subtle, unspoken at times and, most importantly, an opportunity they grabbed than creating a long-winded melodramatic moment!

After two weeks of mostly mediocre acting and confused writing, Yudh broke out of the shell, tonight, and returned to its more straightforward story-telling of Week 1 and Week 2 (first 8 episodes). Hopefully, this trend continues and this last week of Yudh leave it at a better position than the previous week.


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8.8 Awesome
  • STAR CAST 10
  • Story - Plot, Dialogues, Script 8.5
  • Sound Track 8
  • Speed (Anti Drag factor) 8.5
  • Presentation - Cinematography, Show time, Emotions 9