32 heroines opposite Siddharth Arora in new show Singhasan Battisi

Siddharth Arora
Siddharth Arora

 While most actors have to settle for one or maximum two heroines, Siddharth Arora has a plenty of beautiful girls around them. 

The actor will have as many as 32 actresses opposite him in upcoming show, Singhasan Battisi. But he will not get a chance to romance any of them!

Siddharth said to the media, “I feel blessed to have so many beautiful actresses around me. But at the same time, it’s disappointing as I won’t be romancing them. I do have an on-screen pair, but we hardly have any scenes together. The main angel Devi Mahamaya (played by Sayantani Ghosh) will be a little flirtatious, but I won’t reciprocate.”

The good looking and talented actor, Siddharth Arora who is known for playing different characters in popular shows and was recently in Zee TV’s Doli Armaanon Ki, is all set to be seen back on television in a totally different character.

Siddharth has been roped in to play a warrior in Creative Eye’s upcoming show Singhasan Battisi on Sony Pal. Karan Suchak will essay the role of the mighty King Vikramaditya in the show of upcoming channel, Sony Pal.

Talking about his character, Siddharth says, “I am playing the character of Raja Bhoj in the show. Raja Bhoj wanted to sit on the throne for the welfare of the people. I always wanted to do something different and this is something interesting and exciting which I have got to play.”

Singhasan Battisi will be a mix of mythological, historical and fantasy-based genres, yet relatable to the modern times.

At a time where everyone speaks about ‘women empowerment’, Creative Eye Ltd. comes with the very noble and wise thought that women are empowered from time immemorial, and they are no less than the male. This concept of Singhasan Battisi will in fact talk of how a woman will for a change empower the man with all the good virtues.

Singhasan Battisi is based on the story of the throne of Raja Vikramaditya, which has the precious 32 statues of angels on it. Singhasan means ‘throne’ and Battisi is a word derived from the number ‘battis’, which is thirty-two. So this is the story of thirty-two statues of angels on the throne of King Vikramaditya. Raja Bhoj, the noble and able warrior will want to ascend the throne of King Vikramaditya, and every time he would try to climb the steps leading to the throne (there are 32 steps), one particular angel which would have a particular virtue would come before him, and throw a challenge at Raja Bhoj to prove that he is capable enough to ascend the throne by going through certain challenging tasks.

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