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Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan together again

Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan together again

Battle for Bittora will star the duo as opposites that attract

battle of bittoraAfter Khoobsurat, Sonam Kapoor and Pakistani hottie Fawad Khan will sizzle the screens in their new movie, Battle for Bittora. A screen adaptation of a bestseller by anuja chauhan with the same name, Battle for Bittora is turning out to be quite a Kapoor family affair. On one hand, we have producer Rhea Kapoor, Sonam’s sister and on the other is her father, who has already bagged the filming rights to the movie through his company. And of course, we have Sonam, in the lead.

The storyline of the movie follows Jinny (Sonam Kapoor) who lives in Mumbai and works in an animation studio. She seems to have a carefree and independent life until she is sucked into politics by her grandmother, who orders her to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Bittora, her hometown. Before she knows it, she is battling it out with handsome and irresistible Zain Altaf Khan (Fawad Khan), who like in Khoobsurat is also a blue-blooded ex-royal. The two fight a frosty battle and this is only complicated by their mutual attraction and blossoming love affair.

One can’t help draw comparisons between Khoobsurat and Battle for Bittora, with Fawad Khan playing an arrogant, royal prince-type person and Sonam, forced by circumstances to interact with him and ultimately and inevitably, having the two fall in love. Though Sonam is not playing the Indian version of Mia in the Princess’ Diaries this time, but a girl from the illustrious Pande dynasty of Pavit Pradesh, we can still expect her to give a similar performance as in Khoobsurat (read our Khoobsurat Review) to keep the ‘opposites attract’ motif going. Though Khoobsurat did well at the box office, the Khoobsurat team will have to work really hard to ensure the success of Battle for Bittora. Regal look or not, audiences predictably will soon get tired of Sonam playing the bubbly and feisty one and Fawad playing Mr. arrogant with a soft side.

We wish Sonam would put herself out there and experiment rather than stay safe in the same re-hashed roles with movies owned and produced by her family.

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