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Business Class in Bigg Boss Day 3

Bigg Boss 8

Bigg Boss 8

Business Class in Bigg Boss Day 3

Bigg Boss 8’s episode begins with Karishma clearing the air about her comment during the Q&A round on Day 1 that she dislikes Sonali. She says that it was her perspective at that time and now it has changed. Sonali accepts the answer without saying back anything.

At noon, Bigg Boss asks the Secret Society to free the inmates from all tasks and orders them to mention about those contestants who did not perform well.

The Secret Society announces to the contestants that they are not satisfied with Gautam’s performance as he had successfully finished his task but he complains later which was not acceptable.

Gautam shows quickness in defending himself by saying his behaviour was not that bad and Minishaa supports him.

Praneet jokes with Gautam about his ‘girlfriend’ Diandra and he goes away blushing.

During afternoon, Karishma and Arya discuss nominations, albeit casually, inside the aircraft while no one is around.

Karishma says she is not in the show to make friends so it does not matter if someone becomes friends with her or not. Arya too says that for him playing the game is a priority as he is not in Bigg Boss 8 to show his will power by skipping meals as per the task.

The think of asking each other about the person whose name there are going to nominate for elimination. However, they refrain from doing so fearing punishment from Bigg Boss.

But Arya does mention that he won’t nominate Minissha for sure no matter she is wrong or right or strong or weak as he respects her. Karishma agrees with Arya.

She further comments on Diandra’s snappy attitude towards others which might lead her to the Bigg Boss hitlist. Karishma further recounted how Diandra snapped at her when she was warned to control her temper.

Arya says that even they themselves snap at others in future as they are not saintly people.

Around early evening, the Bigg Boss announces that the Secret Soceity should unmask itself and reveal their true self on camera.

The Secret Soceity announces that as a reward for good performance, they want the contestants to choose 2 inmates who deserve to upgrade to business class.

The contestants choose Soni and Upen initially. But Upen shows kindness by suggesting Sukirti’s name instead. But the Secret Society takes a U-turn by swapping Sukirti with Praneet and even giving him spare undergarments as per his request.

In the business class, Praneet and Soni enjoy eating goodies and sleep at comfy chairs.

Late at night, the Secret Society gets the green signal from Bigg Boss to permit the house members to cook their favorite food inside the kitchen as a bonus for doing their tasks well.

However, they mention that the hungry mouths should use the groceries judiciously and make it last for a week.

The inmates happily rush to the kitchen and Karishma as well as Minissha take charge of it on their own. Gautam too joins them in the kitchen and starts inspecting things for his dinner. Karishma tells him to go away as she is there for cooking in the kitchen. Gautam minds her words and replies that he can cook better than her. However, he goes away ith a long face.

Upset with Karishma’s attitude, Gautam goes to share his thoughts with Diandra. She reasons that they should cook the dinner first as everyone is very hungry and the discussion on the division of groceries for the week can be done later.

In the kitchen, noticing Gautam being miffed, Minissha tells Karishma that she won’t stop Gautam from eating what he likes.

Gautam tells Upen that there is fight going to happen soon in the house and narrates Karishma’s bossy attitude in the kitchen. Upen tries making him understand that one should keep calm in such situations and says that the reasonable attitude may not intended.

At the dinner table, food gets finished before Minissha, Natasa, Soni and Karishma could have their fill. Karishma tells everyone that henceforth they have eat carefully and in set quantities to avoid such situations in during the week.

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