Yudh review 05 Aug 2014

Yudh (Hindi: युद्ध)

Yudh (Hindi: युद्ध)

Episode 14 of Yudh added more mystery to it and continues to run around the bush.

There are many twists that are cropping up every episode. The main plot is side-lined as his world continues to crumble and he is barely more than a helpless observer.

The episode starts with Yudh and Taruni coming out of Dr. Ganatra’s cabin after checkup. Yudh gets a call that Anand is behind bars. Anand gets out of jail and that is still a mystery as to why he was in jail and then let out with equal ease! Rishi starts to investigate the mine blasts and with remarkably little effort, gets the man responsible in trouble. In the meanwhile, Nayan decides to go to Rishi because, well, she is as tired as we are with all the shenanigans Shanti Constructions has had to ensue.

Yet, there was one scene that I admired quite a bit and it was the one where Taruni’s parents sit Taruni down and give her a very solid reason as to why she should discontinue her active connection with Yudh. I thought that scene made a lot of sense given that, in the utterly small world they live in, her step-father is the one who is investigating Yudh’s mentor, in turn giving ample evidence to audit Yudh as well. However, you would think that would raise some red flags in Taruni’s mind, but there she is by his side, by the end of the episode.

The show didn’t grow much, as it just deepens the mystery. If I have just one real complaint with the way the series is going, it is just that there are times when some scenes don’t necessarily have to be there. They seem to be adding extra burden to an already heavy plot.

 Of course, keeping a story focused on one main character is never easy, but, a sub-plot taking the centre stage while the character becomes only a participant is a serious concern. However, the series is fast adding too many complications, subduing the role of Yudh substantially!

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Yudh review 04 Aug 2014
7.4 Awesome
  • STAR CAST 10
  • Story - Plot, Dialogues, Script 7
  • Sound Track 7
  • Speed (Anti Drag factor) 6
  • Presentation - Cinematography, Show time, Emotions 7
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