Yudh review 04 Aug 2014


Amitabh Bachchan in Yudh

Amitabh Bachchan in Yudh

The episode 13 of Yudh failed captivate my attention. The plot is running around the bush. The show lacks the ferocity of narrative.

Smriti has got PTSD (post traumatic anxiety issue) which means she doesn’t remember anything about the incident. Reviewer illuminates Mona that he need to discharge Kapil as young lady does not recall anything.

Rishi starts the investigation of the blast by taking the workers in confidence. Yudh again visualises the joker. Both the joker and Amitabh make the scene look so real. But this time Yudh didn’t get threatened by the joker. Rather, he replied back quite nicely.

Ranjan meets his accomplices and says they can grab Rishi and put the blame on naxalites. Singh accepts the proposal.

Mona left her home in spite her parents’ requests.  She cried loudly while her columnist companion tries to comfort her.

Yudh hears joker’s voice in his slumber and got scared by the joker. Home clergyman is occupied with appreciating wrestling match.

Yudh identifies with Dr. Ganatra and asks when he returned. He replies in the morning. Yudh inquires as to whether he can reach him. Dr. says to come in 1 hour as one errand got drop. Yudh leaves to reach him.

There were many moments that kept me stuck to the story tonight, but, most of them involved Amitabh Bachchan and his acting prowess. Other supporting actors add to that story. But still it failed to hook me on to watch because of poor narrative style

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