Yudh review 29 Jul 2014

Yudh (Hindi: युद्ध)

Yudh (Hindi: युद्ध)

Yudh’s 10th episode has many head turners. Good thing is that the episode brings some fresh air by unfolding new aspects to the plot whereas the bad news is that it failed to captivate your entire attention.


The episode starts off with Yudh and the minister having a conversation, setting up for a face-off. Smriti calls Mona as Kapil tries to kidnap her. Before Mona reaches the spot, Smriti is already been kidnapped. The village negotiator tells to the naxalites that village children helped Rishi to escape from their clutches. Fire broke out in the village and one of the village girl is injured. The villagers find dynamite in the jeep of security head of Yudh.


The security head informed Taruni that he is trapped and someone had put the dynamite in the jeep. Taruni tells the villagers to take the girl to hospital rather than treating them by the ‘tantrik’. After all, Taruni is almost the heroine of the show. As expected from any heroine, Taruni convinces anguished villagers. On other hand, Mona is taken by the police for interrogation in connection with a missing case.


Lots of spark exhibited by the character of Taruni and Mona when they were introduced, was brought back to life tonight. Taruni. The high point is when she went as the CEO on the Shanti Construction to caretakers’ house and to the villagers. The character of Taruni is evolving but Aahana Kumra (playing Taruni) is failed to bring the emotions that the character is demanding.


All three, Yudh, Anand and Mona, have their own family dramas to deal with, which, occasionally, get mingled with the main. It is creating lots of confusion. Hope it get resolve all the unresolved plots smoothly by end. The episode also brings the joker back as it is one of the wow factors of the show.


After recovering from the Taruni and Yudh fight over Dr. Mehra’s accident, the episode actually got much better. The dialogues, scenes involving some of supporting actors (especially the one where Taruni orders the caretaker to wait in jeep) are finely written. It is expected as the creative head is Anurag Kashyap.

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7.8 Awesome
  • Story - Plot, Dialogues, Script 8
  • Sound Track 7
  • Speed (Anti Drag factor) 7
  • Presentation - Cinematography, Show time, Emotions 8