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Jai Hind 2 Movie Review

Jai Hind 2 Movie Review

Jaihind 2

Jaihind 2

A sequel to Jai Hind, Jai Hind 2, also called Abhimanyu for its Kannada version is Arjun Sarja’s attempt to bring the country’s need to eliminate the corruption in our education system out in the open.

Apart from acting and directing the movie, Arjun Sarja has written the screenplay, dialogues and script.

After tackling the issue of terrorism in his previous movie, the director turns to corruption in the educational sector.

The film has been dedicated to former Indian President Abdul Kalam, reflecting Kalam’s dream that for India to become a superpower, everyone has to be educated.

Protagonist Abhimanyu played by Arjun Sarja is a karate instructor who dreams of eliminating corruption in education. A man of action, Abhimanyu soon finds he is being entangled in the web of corruption. Like his epic namesake, Abhimanyu tries to escape the Chakravyuha this time makes up the rest of the story.

While the first part of the movie deals with the development of the character of Abhimanyu, the second deals with him chasing after the bad guys, giving the film a social as well as action scene.

The 52 year old director’s success lies in bringing a social message along with providing a fast paced action packed film. Actress Surveen Chawla plays a more sedated character, adding great emotion to all the action.

The movie will entertain as well as get you thinking.

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