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7 expectations of Action Jackson from previous Prabhu Dheva cliches

Prabhu Dheva’s 7 Deadly Sins when it comes to Bollywood Films


ACtion Jaction

ACtion Jaction

After Wanted (2009), Rowdy Rathore (2012) , Ramaiya Vastavaiya (2013) and R… Rajkumar (2013), Prabhu Dheva will release Action Jackson this year. After taking a look at what his latest film has to offer, we couldn’t help but notice a few similarities between all five  of his Bollywood films.

Below we give you a list of 7 common things between Prabhu Dheva’s Bollywood films

Remade from a Telegu film

Prabhu Dheva began his 25 year career in the South Indian film industry before venturing into Bollywood. However, thoughHindi films, most of his Bollywood movies are remakes of a Telegu film. While Wanted is a Remake of Pokiri, Rowdy Rathore is a remake of Vikramarkudu and Ramaiya Vastavaiya of Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana. It is rumored on some sites that Action Jackson will be a remake of Telugu film Dookudu.

The protagonist is male and an outlaw

Look at the heroes Prabhu Dheva has cast so far. Radhe played by Salman Khan is a hardened crook; Shiva Akshay Kumar is a petty theif and Romeo Rajkumar played by Shahid Kapoor turns out to be a disguised mastermind criminal. Ajay Devgan, too who plays Vishy is a petty criminal. Ramaiya Vastavaiya also has rich city boy turning into a murderer in the end, albeit to protect the damsel. We really think he should put a female protagonist who isn’t a theif or criminal out there for once.

Falling in love and successfully wooing the girl

Around fifteen minutes into the film, Prabhu Dheva introduces into the mix a pretty lass. She is unrealistically unconnected with the world of crime and as different from the protagonist as possible. To make sense of the whole ‘opposites attract’, the protagonist begins to woo her and in a surprisingly short time she is hook, line and sinker in love with him, though usually unaware at the time of his criminal background.

The protagonist gives up his life of crime

It happened in Wanted when we find Radhe was actually a cop under cover, or in Rowdy Rathore, when Shiva takes on the role of his doppelganger, Vikram and becomes a police officer. We don’t know what Action Jackson will hold for us, but we hear this time,, like in Ramaiya Vastavaiya, the change will occur in reverse.

Unbelievable Action sequences

We can’t remember them all, but you know what we mean. The heroes suddenly turning into superman and taking on a group of thugs who come at him almost decorously, one by one or two by two, only to be sent flying with a mere flick of the wrist.

We remember in Wanted how Radhe raids the Binnimill and kills all of the goons singlehandedly, then killing their boss with a lot of blood and throat slitting. Or in R. Rajkumar, how the fight between the presumed dead Rajkumar and Shivraj ends with the former delivering a power punch to the neck and killing another crook with a ceramic tile. In Rowdy Rathore, Rathore beats up some goons, injuring his brain. But because of the rejuvenating effect of water on him, he manages to kill every goon when it starts raining. With Action Jackson being another of Dheva’s unbelievable action-packed dhamaka films, with Ajay Devgan flaunting a ninja sword, we are sure this one to will have goons flying, heroes jumping like grasshoppers and Ajay Devgan suffering from many near-death blows but always managing to escape.

Iconic Dialogues

Bollywood audiences enjoy hearing their heroes spout the same lines with a straight face and an even tone. Remember Salman Khan’s ‘Ek baar Jo maine commitment kar di toh mein apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta’. Or Akshay Kumar from Rowdy Rathore when he quotes ‘don’t angry me’? How about Shahid Kapoor’s lines, ‘Silent ho ja … Varna main violent ho jaonga’? Action Jackson is no different… Ajay Devgan will repeatedly say ‘It’s my way or the skyway’.

Sonakshi Sinha

It’s incredible that since his entrance into Bollywood, Prabhu Dheva has only twice cast another actress other than Sonakshi Sinha-that is Ayesha Takia in 2009’s Wanted and Shruti Hassan in 2013 for film Ramaiya Vastavaiya. But once he cast Sonakshi in Rowdy Rathore in 2012, he then cast her next year in R… Rajkumar and continues to do so this year with Action Jackson, alongside actresses Yami Gautam and debutant Manasvi Mamgai.

According to an interview of Dheva, he found Sonakshi to be great to work with as she always did what was required in a role and never threw any tantrums.

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