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Buddha to wind up Sep 21, makers plan to show it abroad


Buddhaa-Rajaon Ka Raja

Mythological TV show “Buddha”, which narrates the life and teaching of Gautam Buddha, will air its final episode Sep 21. Its producers are planning to take the show global.


“Buddha”, which airs on Zee TV, features names like Kabir Bedi, Samir Dharmadhikari and Nigaar Z. Khan along with Himanshu Soni who plays the titular role.


Co-producer B.K. Modi looks back at the “overwhelming” journey of making the show, with joy.



“It has been an overwhelming experience to make ‘Buddha’. The response has been fabulous. It was a beautiful journey. Buddhism is a way of life,” Modi said in a statement.



Though the show is going off air, the producers are planning to take it abroad.



“Buddha being the universal truth and having its strong staunch believers all over the globe has mass appeal as a subject. We were always certain about the subject of the show to be accepted globally. Buddha depicts serenity, love, peace, compassion and it surely contributes in World’s peace,” said Ridwana, the show’s creative producer.



“‘Buddha’ is already being aired in Sri lanka. We are tapping the places like Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam, and ‘Buddha’ is surely going international in a big way. It will dubbed there in the local language,” he added.



Actor Himanshu felt blessed playing the role of Buddha, and said: “The show has had a deep impact on my life as a person and as an actor. I am grateful to B.K. Modi and creative producer Ridhwana for giving me the opportunity to play the title role.”


Buddhaa-Rajaon Ka Raja is a historical drama series on Zee TV and Doordarshan, produced by B. K. Modi, under the banner Spice Global. The creative producer of the show is Ridwana Khan. The show airs from 8 September 2013 on Sunday at 11:00 am on Zee TV and Doordarshan. The programme stars Kabir Bedi in a cameo role as Asita Muni, the sage who announces the coming of Gautama Buddha. The story of the serial is based on the life of Buddha that shows how a prince, Siddhartha became a Buddha.

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