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Roshni to fall in love with Siddharth in Jamai Raja

Jamai Raja

Jamai Raja

In the new show Jamai Raja of Zee TV, Siddharth (Ravi Dubey) has managed to ‘reach out’ to his dream girl Roshni (Nia Sharma) but the ‘love chase’ isn’t going to be an easy one for the handsome lad. Another good looking man is also eyeing the same belle.

As seen so far, Roshni’s mother DD (Achint Kaur) introduced her to Krish a rich businessman. And she wants the duo to understand each other and mutually decide on getting married. However, Roshni isn’t too fond of Krish hence; in the upcoming episodes she will be seen fooling Krish with Siddharth’s help.

Siddharth is currently seen as a tour guide, who wants to show Roshni the city of Nasik, and soon the duo will start hanging out together.

There will be a lot of fun moments with Siddharth fooling Krish in his own ways and taking Roshni away from him.

Slowly Roshni will start developing feelings for Siddharth while on the other hand her mother will assume her to be roaming with Krish.

As per a source at the end of a trip Roshni will be head-over-heels in love with Siddharth.

When contacted Nia she said, “Krish is the kind of man that my mother would want me to get married to but I personally do not like such guys. He is pretentious while on the other hand I end up developing a strong friendship with Sid. This will lead to a lot of fun on the show.”

Jamai Raja was started from Aug 4 of this year. The show Jamai Raja is produced by Ashwini Yardi and Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s first television project under the banner Grazing Goats Pictures. Ashwini and Akshay are co-producing the show with Sagar Pictures.

The plot of ‘Jamai Raja’ revolves around the son-in-law who attempts to repair the alienated relationship between his wife and mother-in-law by smartly using his mind and understanding of human psychology.

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