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Ferocious Khyber to create turmoil on Jodha Akbar

Jodha Akbar of Zee TV introduced ‘Khyber’, a primitive, blood-thirsty cave man. Ketan Mangesh Karande will play the role of ‘Khyber’.

Ketan Mangesh Karande is a national level bodybuilding champion. He bagged the role due to his massive built.

Khyber is a primitive, mountain man who has been trained by the evil Mahachuchak and is a puppet in her hands. She trained Khyber to use him against Akbar. He can be called a human animal who has lived in a cave all his life. He lived an isolation life.



Khyber aka Ketan Mangesh Karande

Merciless and heartless defines him. He smells human blood and kills people. As reported by the media, Ketan said, “The role that I will be playing is quite different from anything I have played in the past. Being a merciless half human and half animal, Khyber is known to be ruthless in his code of conduct. It was quite difficult for me to relate with the character, however I am sure that the audience will love watching me in this new avatar and love my track in the show.”

He further added about his training for the role, “While it was because of my physique that I bagged the role, what was more difficult was to adapt to Khyber’s body language. Being ferocious at all times, I underwent a special training to adapt to those expressions and learn the body language.”

According to the current track of the show, Jodha is pregnant. We will see Khyber entering the show in coming episodes of Jodha Akbar in next week. He will create lots of turmoil in Jalal and Jodha’s happy life. He would kidnap Jodha and keeps her in his cave. Then, Jalal takes it up on him to save Jodha and their child by fighting Khyber.
We wish Ketan all the best for essaying the role of Ketan. Hope the new track of the show gains lots of TRPs and love of audience.

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