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No paralysis for Ashish in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan


Ek Mutthi Aasman

Ek Mutthi Aasman

Ashish Chowdhry will make a ‘healthy’ re-entry in the closing episode of TV show ‘Ek Mutthi Aasmaan‘. The actor, who has obliged the production house by agreeing to appear in the final episode, was supposed to be shown paralysed. However, better sense prevailed and after many objected to the track, the creative team decided to forgo the ‘paralysis’ bit.


So now, Ashish will be shown at a pujari’s home, where he will be visited by Kamla Maa (Shilpa Shirodkar). The two then stop ‘the new Kalpi’ (Asha Negi) from tying the knot again.


According to the original plan, Ashish was to be shown paralysed. He would recover miraculously after hearing Kalpi’s name. However, there were no proper arrangements and also, the team wasn’t too happy with the track. We are now going to show Ashish in Pujari’s home, hale and hearty.


The actor had returned to the small screen after 10 years, to play the male lead in the show. And then, he exited Ek Mutthi.. a month ago after it underwent a makeover.


Along with Ashish, actress Rachana Parulkar was also replaced by Asha Negi to play Kalpana. However, the new twist failed to up the ratings and the channel has decided to pull the plug on the show. What many may not know is the fact that the production house had contacted the actor to return to the show just a few days before the channel took the call to end it.


The show may not have been exceptional on the ratings chart, the original lead couple — Raghav and Kalpana — played by Ashish and Rachana were much loved by the viewers. The makeover backfired and the ratings plummeted. Ashish has been called back.


When contacted, Ashish confirmed, “Yes, I am back on the show. While many thought I had quit the show, I was waiting patiently for the production house to call me back as was promised. I am a rule-abiding actor and will never breach a contract. I am happy that this journey has concluded and I am looking forward to taking up a new project.”

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