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Buddha to take final Samadhi this Sunday in the show

Buddhaa-Rajaon Ka Raja

Buddhaa-Rajaon Ka Raja

In the special ‘Mahaparinirvan’ episode of Zee TV’s historical series ‘Buddhaa-Rajaon Ka Raja’, Lord Buddha will be leaving his body for his heavenly abode. It will be aired this Sunday which happens to be the second last of the series.


The episode will feature Malla king and his wife visiting Buddha to pay their respects. An ascetic named Subhadra will Anand if he can meet Buddha. Ananda will him that Buddha is too tired to see him. Buddha, however, will overhear the conversation and ask Anand to bring the man closer to him.


The man will tell Buddha that he has always been drawn to the his teaching and has heard about a lot of spiritual leaders such as Purana Kassapa, Mahakali Gosala, Ajita Kesakambalin, Pakudha Kaccayana and Nigantha Natputta. He will ask Buddha if any of the spiritual leaders have attained enlightenment.


Buddha will tell the man that it is not important for him to know whether or not those spiritual leaders have attained enlightenment. But, he will offer to give him the lessons to reach the state of enlightenment.


The Buddha will tell the man about the Noble Eightfold Path. Subhadra feels joy in his heart and will ask Buddha to accept him as his follower. Thus, Subhadra will become the last follower in Buddha’s life.


The followers will silently absorb Buddha’s teachings knowing that this will be their last chance to see and hear Buddha talk and they all will feel anguish in their heart knowing that the Master will pass away soon.


Buddha will tell his followers that all Dharmas are impermanent. If there is birth, there is death too. He will tell his disciples to be diligent in their efforts to attain liberation. Buddha will then close his eyes pass into Nirvana.


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