Yudh review 28 Jul 2014

Yudh (Hindi: युद्ध)

Yudh (Hindi: युद्ध

Amitabh Bachchan starrer Yudh’s episode nine was a better affair than the last oneYudh is still a mile away from “epic” status but the show has the potential to do.

The episode begins with Taruni asking to Yudh about the missing medical report of Yudh that she found in his office. Yudh got shocked and also tried to explain his unawareness about the file. Taruni doubts Yudh and believed he had some connection in Dr Mehra’s accident. Taruni decides to return to her home and stop treating Yudh. On other side, Mona’s brother-in-law gives Mona’s laptop to the Dharmesh. Anand asks Yudh’s secretary about the medical file. Anand found that someone had sprayed poisonous spray in Yudh’s cabin to kill him.

After all the drama of dynamite blast at the mine, the workers, who were led by the Negotiator, hold a demonstration in front of the mine plant as the injured worker died. To deal with this issue, Yudh went traipsing down to the mine making a ton of promises of benefits to the workers, nullifying the effect of the Naxalite efforts to rally the workers to go against the construction company. The speech delivered by Amitabh Bachchan to the workers was one of passion and conviction, but not entirely blind compassion. Amitabh Bachchan’s performance in delivering this was the high point of the episode!

Anand tells Taruni that someone is trying to kill Yudh. Taruni asks Yudh to forgive her as she doubted him. Ministers got furious as Yudh stops the mining work for the betterment of the workers. Minister threatened Yudh.

About performance, Tigmanshu Dhulia and the actor who plays Mona’s brother-in-law gives a magnificent performance. The background music is a hindrance as you can’t listen to the dialogues. The episode is much better than the last one but failed to create adrenaline rush as done by the episode five and six of show.

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7.2 Awesome
  • Star cast 10
  • Story - Plot, Dialogues, Script 7
  • Sound Track 5
  • Speed (Anti Drag factor) 7
  • Presentation - Cinematography, Show time, Emotions 7
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