Yudh review 24 Jul 2014

Yudh (Hindi: युद्ध)

Yudh (Hindi: युद्ध)

Ribhu Dasgupta disappoints me with the eighth episode of Yudh. No new twists came from the eighth episode. Episode eight of Yudh has one main focus – Operation Yudh’s Son is kidnapped which make it bit monotonous.

The episode starts with Rishi’s secretary bringing a letter from naxalite. Manoj receives it. He reads it in front of everyone. While Yudh is listening naxalite’s demands, he sees clown again and starts getting his illness attack. Taruni takes him to his room. Nayan watches Taruni taking care of Yudh and thanks her.

Anand meets minister who asks him to speak to his officers to search Rishi soon. Minister gets annoyed and asks if he needs a helicopter for search operations. Anand says it is fine then. Minister then asks him to fund for the group against naxalite. Anand comes back to the camp and asks Manoj to read rest of the demands. Yudh says he is okay with all their demands. Manoj says we should not budge to their demands and intead wait and watch first. Commissioner says Manoj is right, we should first let our officers interrogate and then accept their demands. We should first ask them the proof that Rishi is alive.

Naxalite takes Rishi’s video in which he says he is alive and enjoying mineral water and natural air, he asks his cricket team champions not to worry. Taruni says the way he is speak about cricket team, it looks the kids are innocent. He is trying to tell not to lose hope and says they have not physically harmed him and we should search for him. Taruni asks Manoj to leave from there now as everyone is tensed her. She then asks Yudh to release the kids. The kids are released.

Rishi says he wants to pee. Naxalites free his hand. He runs from there and they start following him. He reaches village but naxalites nab him again. They take him near a highway and hide seeing police jeep. Rishi saves lady naxalite from snake bite.

Yudh says he will accept naxalites’ demands. Naxalites watch news that Yudh has accepted their demands. Lady naxalite says we have to release him now, her senior says we have to wait for an order from high command.

Manoj informs Yudh that naxalites have increased their demands and asking 20 crores ransom. Yudh says he will give 20 crores but will not accept their earlier demands. Manoj says they won’t listen to it. Yudh says it is a negotiation, so either 20 crores or earlier demand. Manoj says Rishi is his son. Yudh says I accepted their demands, but still they did not release him. Nayan asks him to accept both demands. He asks her to go in and rest. Manoj says he is doing a big mistake. Yudh says it is his son and his money and asks him to go and inform naxalites.

Rishi with Yudh

Rishi with Yudh

The kids reach naxalite hiding spot. He escapes and burns his tent before going. Naxalite realizes Rishi has escaped. Anand gets a call from police who says Rishi is safe, he escaped from kidnapper and fell in well, and police took him to hospital. Yudh’s family reaches hospital and is relaxed to see Rishi safe. Yudh thanks kids who ask him not to inform that they helped him, else they may be killed. Yudh agrees.

Yudh says we should intead allege naxalites that they took 20 crores and released Rishi, it will be a tight slap on their face. Inspector says it is a good idea.

Naxalite leader ask Manoj about the money, who says he does not know anything about it. Manoj says he will teach them a lesson. He brings bomb to mining area and asks his men to fix it there.

Anand informs about the mining bomb blast and they rush to the spot. Many people are stuck under the stones. Yudh informs it to the collector and asks her to send rescue team. Naxalite man join workers and say workers will not work as Rishi did not care about them and was just behind saving his son. Yudh hears workers talking about going on strike and says he himself will halt the work and get an enquiry done.

Yudh’s manager informs that all workers are rescued except 2 whose condition is critical. Yudh asks if all the workers are in same hospital. Manager says Taruni admitted them in different hospital and is personally taking care of them.

Yudh asks his security officer not to use force unless needed as they don’t know who their enemy are. Anand calls Yudh and says they are running out of medicines. Yudh asks him to open a hospital near the mines immediately and to take the responsibility personally. Anand agrees.

Yudh says Taruni that he wanted to open a medical institute and has already bought equipment and asks if they can bring some equipments here and open a hospital which she will have to take care. Taruni says she does not want to involve in these things. Yudh says you are a social campaigner and why can’t u do this work. Taruni shows Dr. Mehra’s medical report of his illness and says when Rishi was kidnapped; I found this file on your table. Yudh is shocked hearing that.

There are many loop holes in the episode eight of Yudh. Taruni has one expression plastered on her face. Although, I admit that her character has been going through the same predicament from the beginning. She is sharing screen space with veterans like Amitabh Bachchan and Tigmanshu. She needs to little more expressive to make the scene to look good. The character Rishi Siwarkar is too confusing. The character is little unreal to digest. As a result, it brought down the show’s quality which was just taken off this week. Hope Ribhu Dasgupta comes with lots of new twists and amazing episode on coming Monday. Keep watching Yudh.

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Watch Episode8 of Yudh.

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7.0 Awesome
  • Story - Plot, Dialogues, Script 7
  • Sound Track 6
  • Speed (Anti Drag factor) 6
  • Presentation - Cinematography, Show time, Emotions 7
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