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Ormayundo Ee Mukham Movie Review

Ormayundo Ee Mukham

Ormayundo Ee Mukham

A debut by director Anwar Sadik, Ormayundo Ee Mukham is based on a love story between youthful businessman Goutham (Vineeth Sreenivasan) and Nithya (Namitha Pramod). It has been produced by Jaison Elamgulam under the banner RJ Creations.

Coming from a matriarchal home, Gautam lives with strict mother Rohini (Vasundara Devi) who owns and runs the family business with an iron fist. However, Lakshmi, his grandmother, who also lives with them, shares a very close bond with him. Apporva (Aju Varghese) is Goutham’s best friend.

Nithya (Namitha Pramod) enters Gautam’s life. She has a unique career—she is a sand animation artist. The two fall for each other. However, Nithya is struck by an accident which results in memory loss. This means Nithya can only remember the incidents of a day before they fade away. Unsurprisingly, this is a great test of the love the two share for each other and is the twist in the film.

While Vineeth Sreenivasan plays his role of the young, shy and soft spoken businessman, Namitha Pramod, looks beautiful as Nithya and plays her well. Aju Varghese plays Apporva, Gautam’s best friend with a lot of energy. Appearing in a lead role, Mukesh and the rest of the cast act quite well.

What’s missing in the acting scenario is the lack of chemistry between Gautam and Nithya. The lead pair never really seems to hit it off and it is always evident that the two are acting. The two look good apart, but not good together.

Screen-writer and director Anwar Sadik does a decent job with the screenplay, but the already lackluster script makes the film an overly predictable and dull one.

Jithu Damodar’s cinematography creates the right ambience for a pretty love story and brings a visually appealing feel to the movie. Editing by Johnkutty helps achieve this.

Songs by Shaan Rahman add a great background score to the film.

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5.3 Watchable
  • MUSIC 5
  • SCRIPT 6