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After Neetu Singh and Babita, Katrina Kaif to be the next Kapoor bahu

Katrina Kaif to be the first grand daughter in law of the late Raj Kapoor


The showman of Bollywood, had he been alive today, would have seen the addition of another lovely lady into the Kapoor kandan. After the wedding of Kareena Kapoor to Saif Ali Khan in 2012, the next big wedding will occur between his grandson, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif.

The couple reportedly have been dating since 2009 and have recently moved in together. Ranbir has moved out of his family home to a flat in Bandra and girlfriend Katrina, after helping him settle in, has moved in herself.

The son of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, Ranbir is the only grandson of Raj Kapoor, this will make Katrina Kaif the only grand daughter in law of the Bollywood icon, Raj Kapoor.

Though the two lovebirds are still trying to be hush-hush about the whole thing and don’t appear in public openly, they frustratingly maintain that they are very important in each other’s lives. Rumour is that the Kapoor clan is already planning a wedding, which usually means the ceremonies will be in the home of the late Raj Kapoor): R K Cottage. Other rumours suggest it will be a big fat Punjabi wedding. The two most important women in Ranbir’s life, his mother, actress Neetu Singh and designer sister Riddima have both seemingly approved the match; and everything seems in order for the big day.

Raj Kapoor’s immediate daughter-in-laws include actress Babita, who was later separated and then reunited with husband Randhir Kapoor and Neetu Singh, who is married to his other son, Rishi Kapoor. It is said to be a Kapoor family tradition that a woman should not work in films if she belongs to the Kapoor family. While this effectively ended the career of Babita and forced Neetu Singh to take a long break and then return only opposite her husband in films, Babita broke this tradition when she separated from husband Randhir Kapoor, allowing her daughters Karisma and Kareena to join Bollywood.

While Karisma Kapoor did take a long break after marriage and only returned to Bollywood again after her divorce with industrialist Sanjay Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan continued her acting career after her marriage to Saif in October 2012.

Ranbir Kapoor, on the other hand comes from the more traditional side of the Raj Kapoor lineage. His elder sister, Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, though gorgeous did not take up acting. Though she claimed this was her choice when asked why she had become a designer instead, it is plausible to believe she was forbidden to do so. With Katrina Kaif recently striking gold with Bang Bang, Dhoom 3 and Ek Tha Tiger, we wonder what Katrina’s filmi future is after she joins the Kapoor family?

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