Jayesh Seth turns director with Roll Sound Camera Action

JAYESHAce photographer Jayesh Seth, who is making his direcorial debut with “Roll Sound Camera Action”, says the movie is inspired by the strugglers in the Bollywood industry.

“The journey that I came across, I met some passionate people and to see how people gamble in their life, their struggle and their passion was very fascinating. I saw their hard-work and their struggle and how they achieve their goal. This subject inspired me to make this film,” Seth told IANS.

“Roll Sound Camera Action” is produced by Jayesh Sheth Productions and co-produced by Shibani Roy. The film stars Amal Sherawat, Aliya Shah, Kaajal Vashisht, Abhishek Patel, Umesh Pherwani, Arun Verma, Jaswant Singh Rathor, Manish Mehta and Vikram Singh.

Seth, who has cast all newcomers in his film, says he was very clear that he wanted fresh faces in his film.

“I was very clear about going with strugglers…Taking stars and showing them as strugglers will never work. The subject demanded strugglers,” he said.

The film will realease in 2015.

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