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Mumbai, Nov 1 (IANS) Independent filmmakers in the country always face the trouble of getting their movies released. But CineKaravan – a joint venture between Sikhya Entertainment and FilmKaravan – is trying to help such talent.

CineKaravan develops, distributes and promotes high-quality South Asian independent films for a global audience.

The initiative provides a customized release plan for independent filmmakers to release their films worldwide. CineKaravan plays the role of a distributor and marketeer which executes a worldwide digital release across multiple platforms including Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, BSkyB, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle and a few more.

The first of their projects to go live Saturday is “Fandry”, a Navalakha Arts and Holi Basil Production.

Guneet Monga, producer and CEO, Sikhya Entertainment, is amongst the co-founders of CineKaravan along with Apoorva Bakshi.

“The conversation started with the intention to find a solution to our problems. It’s a tough job to make a film. I found in Pooja (Pooja Kohli, managing director of FilmKaravan, a San Francisco and Mumbai based company) and Apoorva, partners who understood our journey and struggle.

“Passionate about distributing films across the world, the two create alternative, customised outreach plans which ensure maximum reach and revenue for your film. I am thrilled to see films like ‘Fandry’, ‘Pancham Unmixed-Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai’ and ‘Club 60’ go live and reach audiences across the world,” Monga said in a statement.

The idea is to to release the films in maximum number of territories across maximum number of platforms, said Bakshi.

“CineKaravan runs in a simple, fair and transparent manner. The filmmakers have utmost control, retain all rights and exploit the long tail on their own terms and conditions,” he added.

Exploiting the power of the world wide web is going to be key for indie filmmakers, who must look at exploiting the digital and mobile platforms to reach audiences — and especially with the 4G launching in India, said Kohli.

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