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Tommy has got his eye on Sonam Kapoor

Tommy Hilfiger and Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor with her designer Tommy Hilfiger

Hilfiger wants Sonam to represent his brand


Tommy Hilfiger, who was in the country to celebrate his brand’s tenth anniversary, says he wished to work with Sonam Kapoor, saying she provided the perfect blend of brains and beauty that his brand embodied. According to Hilfiger, who is 63 said that he thought Sonam could carry off any outfit.

Heaping praise on the star, Hilfiger added that if Sonam was available, he would choose no other for his brand, saying “Our brand and Sonam have a similarity- we both are family-oriented. I can’t choose any other star that would suit our brand, if I have Sonam in front of me.”

Hilfiger says he is glad to be in India as it is close to his heart and provides him with a lot of inspiration. He has used Indian silk, paisley, prints, colours and fabrics, beading and sequences, jewels and embroideries.

Hilfiger says his favourite thing about Indian fashion is the traditional attire, because it has that festive feel to it. He says he admires the way the dress not only looks good, but also embodies emotions and therefore becomes special.

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