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Mumbai Delhi Mumbai movie review

Mumbai Delhi Mumbai

Mumbai Delhi Mumbai

A remake of Mumbai Pune Mumbai by Satish Rajawade


A remake by Satish Rajawade of his Marathi film, Mumbai Pune Mumbai, Mumbai Delhi Mumbai is a film that instead of Pune, has the nation’s capital as its choice of location. While Marathi films are usually adapted from Hindi scripts, the director has done the reverse in this situation.

Starring Shiv Pandit as Goli Kohli and Pia Bajpai as Piya, the movie begins with Piya, who faced by a pesky mother urging her to meet a prospective match for marriage in Delhi, decides to take a day trip to the city.

Traditionally, the people from the cities, Mumbai and Delhi have always been rivals and this applies to the lead roles of this movie as well. Therefore, Piya has already made up her mind about her prospective groom and is probably only meeting him to pacify her mother.

Unfortunately for her, she loses her phone while fighting with an auto driver. Enter Goli Kohli, a typical Delhite, who responds to Piya’s request for help grudgingly.

Due to several reasons, the two end up spending the whole day together; a day that is full of banter, playful fighting and lighthearted jibes at each other’s cities. Through these exchanges, the two become close-and from two different people with strong biases on how a Delhite and Mumbiker should be, become two people who adore each other’s quirks and have fallen in love.

This movie, with its relatable themes of pesky parents, rebellious tweens and believable storyline is a movie that will make an interesting watch.

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