3A.M. movie review

3 A.M.

3 A.M.

Ranvijay starrer 3A.M. hit the silver screen today. It’s a horror movie.

3 A.M. is scary in bits and pieces. Rannvijay plays his part decently. First 15 minutes of the movie is quite boring as the plot is not going anywhere. Finally, after some romantic song sequel, you get some scary moments. Till interval the film is just scares here and there courtesy sound effects but the second half is very predictable which makes it boring.

But the different as it tried to make it scary without using even creaky door in the film. The special effects are toned-down and done effectively. Most of the time “3 A.M.” cruises along exploring the bond between this life and the afterlife without getting tangled in spiritual polemics

The plot revolves around Sunny (Rannvijay Singha), TV reality show host. Raj (Kavin Dave) and Cyrus (Salil Acharya) are his colleagues-cum-childhood friends. As the liberal use of the Bro’s, Buddies’ and Dude’s suggests.

During the celebration of the completion of 100th episode of the show, Sunny proposes his girlfriend Sarah (Anindita Nayar). Sarah, a journalist, packs her bag to head towards allegedly haunted Rudra Mills to cover a story.

The story takes a turn when Sarah is found dead at the haunted Rudra Mills. In a bid to find out the existence of ghosts in today’s world, a devastated Sunny starts a new reality show along with his friends Cyrus and Raj and they decide to begin their journey with the infamous Rudra Mills itself.

While everything goes well initially, all hell breaks loose as soon as the sun sets. As the clock strikes 3 AM, the three friends get terrorised, possessed and hunted by the evil entity that resides in the haunted premises.

When it comes to acting, Ranvijay should continue hosting roadies only. Rannvijay managed as he is VJ in reality but when he is made to act, he falls. He was miserable bad particularly in a crying scene. I hardly see Anindita Nayar in the movie. Its difficult for me to comment on her acting. Nor Salil Acharya and Kavin Dave are impressive.

3AM is not complete waste but it is no fun also. Hardcore horror enthusiasts won’t even entertain the film because it is all textbook matter sprawled on celluloid. But when it comes to Bollywood horror movies, ‘3AM’ an good attempt but nothing exciting.


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5.6 Awesome
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