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Priyanka Chopra reveals how she stays fit in Cinestars Ki Khoj

Cinestars Ki Khoj

Priyanka Chopra with Victor, Sonali Bendre and Anurag Basu on the sets of Cinestars Ki Khoj

Beautiful model-turned-actress Priyanka Chopra was on the sets of the reality show, Cinestars Ki Khoj of Zee TV to promote her upcoming movie, Mary Kom.

Priyanka Chopra has set an example for all the Bollywood actress by building an athletic physique to play the character of a National level boxing champion, Mary Kom. While most of us believe that actresses starve themselves in order to attain the size zero figure, here is an example of a Bollywood actress who clearly breaks the convention.

Re-uniting with her Barfi Director, Anurag Basu on the sets of Zee TV’s Cinestars Ki Khoj, Priyanka was glad to be judging the talent on the show alongside her mentor Basu. While much has been said and written about their bonding and camaraderie since the time Priyanka and Basu did a movie together, the two did not leave a single chance to pull each other’s leg.

While everybody on the sets was surprised to see Priyanka eat continuously throughout the shoot, Basu said he’d experienced this side of PeeCee before! Sharing an anecdote from the sets of Barfi!, he said, “I remember one day, she had called for 3 Paranthas for breakfast and a 12 inch pizza and ended up gulping down all of it by herself at the shoot, not sharing a morsel with anybody.”

Adding further, he said, “Even if I drink water, it ends up turning into butter in my stomach. Wonder how none of what she eats shows up on Priyanka!” While the entire unit was shocked at the revelation, Priyanka burst out laughing.

When the hosts of the show asked her about the secret behind her lean, trim figure, she said, “I believe that in order to stay fit and lose weight, one doesn’t need to starve. One should eat in moderation throughout the day at short intervals. Moreover, I ensure that I burn it all by working out equally as much as I eat.” Kudos girl, no wonder you’re as fit and fabulous in every film!

Priyanka Chopra also dances to ‘Humma Humma’ with judge Sonali Bendre and catch all the fun of Cine Stars Ki Khoj on the Sunday, August 31.

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