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Honey Singh introduces his wife for the first time in India’s Raw Star


Yo Yo Honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh, who is currently shooting for his reality show, “India’s Raw Star” at a suburban studio in Mumbai, has shown the audience a different side of him.

The popular rapper, dancer and now the mentor for the reality show was extremely nervous during the shooting on Monday night as his new album ‘Desi Kalakar’ along with actress Sonakshi Sinha was to release the next day.

Unable to concentrate on multiple workload, the emotional singer then called his wife to support him on the sets.

His wife, Shalini who was dressed in black appeased Honey and took him backstage for some time. It was only when his wife, Shalini arrived at the location and calmed him down, Singh looked confident and could resume his work. Concerned Shalini, after every performance by the contestants, would take the rapper backstage and make sure he is calm and composed. In fact once the shoot started, Yo Yo said that his wife has a very important place in his life and he listens to her no matter what happens.

This is not all, Honey even promised to focus more on the show now and even do rehearsals with the contestant before the shoot. Honey Singh was even seen apologizing to everyone for the delay and he also promised that this was the last time and he would never do that again in the future.


Star Plus and Yo Yo Honey Singh have come together with this first of its kind, unconventional singing reality show, which is all set to redefine the genre. The show will be on air on Sunday from August 24 at 7 pm. Contenders from across the country with their unique singing styles will battle it out to become India’s Raw Star. The show’s  host is the gorgeous Gauhar Khan, who is also a huge fan of Yo Yo Honey Singh.


The look and feel of the show is being a visual treat for the viewers. As for the first time get to watch these performers sing original songs, which have been composed and written by the contestants.


Unlike all other reality shows, where the audition process involves standing in long queues, India’s Raw Star conducted the first ever digital only auditions. People from all over the world sent in their video entries, which were personally scanned by Yo Yo Honey Singh and his team.


For the first time ever, an Indian singing show introduced the concept of music choreography! Star Plus has roped in international choreographer Michael Schwandtl who has worked with artistes such as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga on their performances. He will work with the contestants to visually enhance their singing performance and make it a delight for viewers to watch. The show also has the celebrated Ashish Manchanda on board who is heading the sound team. Ashish is the only Indian sound engineer to have worked with Michael Jackson and has worked on a number of international music shows.

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