CDP Pixel from Sriram


Vidhya Thiagarajan trains her lens on one of China’s popular tourist destinations, Guilin, on the western bank of Li River

1. Cormorant fisherman casting net June 2017 – Shot at Li River in Xingping, Guilin at 6.55pm local time.

2. Cormorant fishermen at blue hour June 2017- Shot at Li River in Xingping, Guilin at 6.15am local time.

3. Morning from Xianggong hill June 2017 – Shot from Xianggong Hill, Guilin at 7.40am local time

4. Nine Dragons and Five Tigers Rice Terraces June 2017- Shot in Longsheng County, Guilin at 5.50pm local time

5. Panorama of Five Finger Mountains sunset June 2017 – Shot at Cuiping Fiver Finger Mountains, Guilin at 7.30pm local time

6. Sunset from Dragon Bridge June 2017 – Shot from the historic Dragon Bridge, Yangshuo, Guilin at 7.45pm local time.

Vidhya Thiagarajan documents landscape and Nature, specialises in macro photography and brings to the fore human interest stories as well through her images. For more of her work, check

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