Working with RGV gave me a high Nandoo

 Ice Cream 2Actor Nandoo, who was last seen in Ram Gopal Varma-directed Telugu thriller “Ice Cream 2”, says working with the filmmaker gives him a high as he’s like a “drug”.

“Ram Gopal Varma is like a drug. You get easily addicted to him. Most of us fear taking drugs, but we know it gives us a high. You may fear working with him, but once you start, he’s like the alcohol you can’t refuse at night,” Nandoo told IANS.

Nandoo says he’s looking forward to collaborate with the auteur once again.

“I’ve signed another film with RGV. This time I play the solo lead, and the film is not going to be in his usual genres such as thriller and horror. It’s going to be something very different,” he said.

It was Nandoo’s deceiving face and eyes that caught RGV’s attention.

“It’s funny when he told me what he really liked in me. He said I have good eyes and added that I have a face wherein the devil can be easily hidden. He liked that contrast in my face,” he added.

Nandoo, who has starred in films such as “100% Love” and “Autonagar Surya”, says his role in recent Telugu independent film “Paathshala” helped him win hearts of audiences and critics alike.

“I think ‘Paathshala’ won critical acclaim from all quarters. Every critic and college-goer who watched the film had something nice to say about my role. I wouldn’t say it gave me fan base, but I definitely feel it helped me grow as an actor,” he said.

He says he would love to work in romantic-comedy.

“After ‘Paathshala’, I feel I’m really good with comedy. I want to do more films in that genre. I would love to do a rom-com a la ‘Hum Tum’,” he added.

Nandoo currently has Telugu films “Close Friends” and “Superstar Kidnap” ready for release, while he’s busy shooting for another yet-untitled film in the language.

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