Kayal Prabhu Solomons trilogy on romance

 KayalFilmmaker Prabhu Solomon says his upcoming Tamil disaster drama “Kayal”, which is set against the backdrop of a tsunami, is his trilogy on romance after films such as “Mynaa” and “Kumki”.

“People have been asking me whether ‘Kayal’ is a trilogy on nature, which has been a recurring backdrop in my last two films ‘Mynaa’ and ‘Kumki’. ‘Kayal is actually a trilogy of sorts on romance, which I’ve portrayed against the backdrop of a tsunami,” Solomon told IANS.

Both “Mynaaa and “Kumki” narrated a love story against the backdrop of dense forests of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

“I admit nature has played an important role in my last two films, and it is so in ‘Kayal’ too, but deep down, they’re all romantic tales. I somehow feel the only way to touch someone’s heart is through love,” he said.

Featuring debutants Chandran and Anandhi, “Kayal” is slated for release Dec 26 as a tribute to the 10th anniversary of 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

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