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Emma Roberts matches make up wardrobe with hair colour

EmmaRobertsActress Emma Roberts has successfully rocked both light and dark hair hues, and it has nothing to do with the contents inside a hair colour bottle.

“When I switch hair colours, I have to change my whole make-up and wardrobe because it sometimes doesn’t work,” said Emma, who’s currently sporting blonde locks.

“When I have blonde hair, I can just do mascara, bronzer, and some concealer. When you have dark hair, I have to wear more make-up because I’m so pale,” she was quoted by as saying.

Emma added a chestnut colour to her short bob in June 2014, and during that time she allowed herself to have more fun in the beauty department.

“When I have dark hair, I’d definitely do a red lip and keep a pale complexion, but when I’m blonde I always want to look more tan,” said the 23-year-old.

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