When Arjun Mathurs sexuality became a talking point

arjun-mathur Damaging as it may sound, Arjun Mathur started his career with two back-to-back gay parts that quickly became a talking point in the film industry about his sexuality.

“I did two short film on AIDS where I played gay characters. In Farhan Akhtar’s film (‘Positive’), I was Boman and Shabana Azmi’s son. In Mira Nair’s short film (‘Migration’), I was Irrfan Khan’s lover.

“I have to admit that playing two gay characters at the start of my career could have gone against me. I even played a gay hustler in Onir’s ‘I Am’. This is very conservative industry. People believe what they see,” he said.

In a role reversal, Arjun goes all the way to the other end in his next film. Entitled “Couching Tiger Mannu”, it features Arjun as a guy who goes couch surfing to get laid.

“It’s the role of a guy who travels to different countries and stays in with locals as a guest hoping to score with foreign girls,” said the actor, who has also featured in films like “Luck By Chance” and “Fireflies”.

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