Thirudan Police a tribute to fathers Caarthick Raju

Thirudan Police

Thirudan Police

Director Caarthick Raju’s forthcoming Tamil action-comedy “Thirudan Police”, which releases in cinemas Friday, will focus on a father-son relationship that will be explored as a tribute to all fathers.

“It’s an emotional story that focuses on the bond between a father and son. The film starts on the conflict between a disciplinarian father and his wayward son. The relationship is explored in such a way that it becomes a tribute to fathers,” Caarthick Raju.

A special song on fathers comes with the end credits.

“We came up with this idea of having pictures of all the technicians and actors with their fathers. We end the film with an emotional song. I decided that featuring photographs of the team with their fathers will be a great idea,” he said.

The inspiration for the father-son relationship, which he assures won’t be melodramatic, came from a short story Caarthick’s father had written.

“You wouldn’t find an overdose of drama. I can guarantee it. Moreover, the father-son bond is explored at some important instances, and not on a full-length basis,” he added.

The other aspect of the film is a thriller featuring a cop with a vengeance.

“My script is based on the hide-and-seek’ game that children play. The story is how hide-and-seek continues to be played in adulthood when a thief and a cop come head-to-head,” he said.

Featuring Dinesh and Aishwarya Rajesh, “Thirudan Police” is jointly produced by S.P Charan and J. Selvakumar.

Dinesh had committed to the project even before his last release “Cuckoo”.

“I felt Dinesh was most apt for the film because his attitude is best suited for the script. Nobody else would look best in the role of a police constable. We all remember police inspectors and commissioners, but rarely does anyone remember a constable,” he said.

Caarthick added that audiences will get to see the “fun, pain and suffering of a police constable through the eyes of Dinesh”.

The film also features John Vijay, Bala Saravanan, Nithin Satya and Rajendran.

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