Preetika Rao all for short sweet TV serials

Preetika Rao

Preetika Rao

“Beintehaa” would have clocked a year’s run on the Indian small screen next month, but the curtains have been brought down on the show already. Actress Preetika Rao, who played the lead role, is glad it ended on an “interesting note” rather than being an “endless saga”.

The last episode of the show was shot Friday.

“Personally, I believe that a tele-series should be short and sweet and keep the audience engaged till the very end and we have managed to achieve that with ‘Beintehaa’. I personally don’t like endless sagas, so I’m happy that we have ended on an interesting note,” she said.

Rationialising the show’s end, Preetika said: “‘Beintehaa’ had a definite storyline. It was a passionate story of Aaliya and Zain who are ignorant about the laws imposed on a Muslim couple who divorce but later wish to remarry the same partner.”

“For this, they have to pass the test of the Halala Nikaah. It was an interesting concept new to Indian television.”

Preetika says the soap lost its popularity when her character remarried.

“Fans were upset because they couldn’t bare to see Aaliya remarry in order to pass the test of Halala Nikah so that she can get back to Zain. Hence, the love story between Rehan and Aaliya had to be fast-tracked and the series ended up being shorter than the original plot.”

She said shooting the last episode was an “emotional” experience for the cast and crew.

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