Pakistani cinema needs us badly Mahira Khan

mahira-khan Pakistani actress Mahira Khan not only enchanted the audience of her country with her powerful yet sensitive performance in Tv series “Humsafar”, but also in India. The actress says if she has to choose between Bollywood and Pakistan it will always be the latter.

“If I have to choose between a Bollywood film and Pakistan film, it may sound clichéd but I will go with the script first. And if both the scripts are equally good, then I will choose Pakistan film,” she said in a group interview. 

“Pakistani cinema needs us badly and I am ready to do anything for it. I believe the new generation needs to step up and come out. I need to give back to that country,” she added. 

The actress also expressed optimistic views about the growth of the cinema in Pakistan and thinks the one drawback which was holding back it’s cinema has been eliminated. 

“In next 10 years you will see a change in Pakistani cinema. We will not be trading drama and film but film and film. There was one drawback and that was people were not making films and that’s not there now. People are coming back to the country after studying film making abroad and putting in their money and making movies,” she said. 

“The void has been filled. Right before, I left I had to say no to a film because I am doing another film. It is a rare thing in Pakistan,” she added. 

Despite the successful run of the show on Zindagi channel, the actress has no plans to foray into Indian television. 

“I can’t work in Indian serials as they are too long… they run for years,” she said. 

There were rumours of Mahira debuting on the big screen with actor Ranveer Singh. The actress quashed the rumours looking elegant in a traditional look.

” I have not thought about Bollywood much. I think all the guys are really good but if I have to pick one it would be Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt amongst the girl’s brigade, Mahira said. 

The actress, who is married to Ali Askari and has a son, says she has to cut down her work to justify the role of wife and a mother. 

“I am very conscious of the time I spend outside. Hence in order to manage the role of wife and mother, I deprive my fans from constant back to back serials,” said the actress. 

Acting is not the only thing that attracts Mahira. She wants to try her hand in production. 

“I would love to do production despite knowing it is a big headache. I want to produce short film. I have not zeroed in on the theme but I like the idea of boy meets girl concept,” said the actress. 

Mahira has crossed the border and won the hearts. The one thing that is evident in all her replies is the similarity between the neighbouring countries. 

“Everything is the same. I believe the thing that connects us is our language. If I am outside and hear a voice which is like me there is an instant connect. And I feel that is present between both the countries,” said the actress.

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