Break stereotypes in technology driven era Govind Nihalani

Govind-NihalaniNational Award-winning filmmaker Govind Nihalani Friday observed that with rapidly evolving technology, the challenge for filmmakers is to break through stereotypes and do something different.

“To break stereotypes is not easy… with these stereotypes the challenge is to come up with something different,” Nihalani said while delivering the Satyajit Ray Memorial Lecture at the ongoing 20th Kolkata International Film Festival.

“That is a challenge that every filmmaker has to face in the future. The reason is technology and the challenge is becoming more acute in the days to come,” Nihalani said.

The maker of iconic films like “Ardh Satya”, “Drohkaala, “Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa” and “Aakrosh”, Nihalani said apart from technology, factors like history and funding also influence filmmaking.

“It is my belief that the kind of funding you get determines a lot about the film you end up making,” he said.

After a gap of 10 years, the filmmaker returns to movie-making with a 3D animation flick for kids next year.

“We have a medium that is constantly changing and one must learn to maintain integrity while adapting to it,” he said.

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