Ashim Samanta to make childrens film God Hai Toh Samne Aa

Ashim Samanta

Ashim Samanta

Late filmmaker Shakti Samanta’s son Ashim is set to make a children’s film titled “God! Hai Toh Samne Aa”.

It will be a small-budget movie.

Talking about the storyline of the movie, Ashim told IANS: “It’s about a 12-year-old child, who fights with god, is very intelligent and wants to study. Due to many problems, he is not able to carry out things as he wants as his father is a drunkard, mother is a maid and he can’t see his future with no scope for good school.”

“He prays to god for his wellbeing but with no results. In a span of time, he gets fed up and challenges the god saying ‘God! Hai Toh Samne Aa’ (God, come forward if you exist).”

Ashim says he is attempting to bring a sensible message with comedy as its backdrop.

“The film will have a message with comedy element in it. The child artist is yet not finalised and till I don’t get the terrific child artist, I will continue searching for the actor. It’s about a smart child who aspires to study in a good school,” he said.

Ashim also wishes to approach veteran actor Anupam Kher once the script is finalised as he find him suitable for a key role in the film.

The film is to be jointly produced by Ashim, Arun Malhotra and Virendra Rathor, under the banner of Aradhana Films in association with Joinfilms — a venture of AV Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

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