Aniston Theroux go to cemetery for picnic

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Actress Jennifer Aniston said that she and Justin Theroux sometimes go for romantic picnics to the cemetery.

“To be honest, we’re like, ‘Oh baby, how was your day? Man it’s good, let’s take a romantic picnic to the cemetery.’ Justin is probably one of the funniest human beings that I’ve ever encountered, so I have the great fortune to laugh a lot,” she said speaking to Look magazine.

“So I think that yeah, we don’t actually take it home, but he does act beautifully on film and, like I say, we get to laugh a lot,” she added.

Despite being engaged for two years, there is still no conformed date as to when the pair may tie the knot, it was rumoured that it would be some time this year, but so far, that has not turned out to be true, reports

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