Vivek Agnihotri to go for a commercial release for Buddha in a Traffic Jam

The film ‘Buddha in a Traffic Jam’ is directed, written and produced by Vivek Agnihotri has already laid the groundwork’s for the 16th Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MIAMI) film festival. Though on Thurday he said he wasn’t looking forward to a commercial release for the movie but has now taken the u-turn over the decision made.

“We were not even looking for a release for this film … we just thought of taking the film to different places but somehow the film shaped up very well. So I thought it’s a good film and we must do something about it. Of course, now we will commercially release it but let all this big ones release. It’s not easy to get a window here in India … there are so many films releasing these days,” Agnihotri said.

‘Buddha in a Traffic Jam’ is a low budget movie. The movie showcases the story of Vikram Pandit (Arunoday Singh) a student of the Indian Institute of Business becomes the blue-eyed boy of Professor Jamshed Batki (Anupam Kher). Under the influence of Batki, Vikram starts public discoursing and publishing articles under his own name that are authored by Batki himself. The articles, which deal with the unfortunate situation of the poor in India, are posted on his Blog as well as on Facebook. The story reflects the agony of the underprivileged in India. The problem is archaic but the remedy must be contemporary.

When asked about the plot of the film, Agnihhotri said: “This subject has bothered me for a long time. India has been a confused country … there is no democracy in the entire world; you still have communists talking on channels. It’s a very interesting story, it’s a political satire. I think this film will leave a strong impact.”

The film stars Mahi Gill, Anupam Kher, Pallavi Joshi in the key roles. The movie is dedicated renowned poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz as Vivek Agnihotri is hugely inspired by his works.





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