TV actors share their Diwali plans

TV Actors

TV Actors

Mumbai, Oct 21 (IANS) The excitement of celebrating the festival of lights, which is on Thursday, is at its peak. TV actors too are excited about joining the revelries with their families.

Here’s what the actors have to say about their Diwali celebrations plans:

Adaa Khan: Diwali is not the same without family and friends. We have a family get together and we will burst crackers, have dinner together, gorge on sweets and play cards. 

Ragini Khanna: Diwali is my favourite time of the year. From Dhanteras to Bhaiduj, I love all of it. Sparklers, ‘diyas’ and the happiness of being together with family fill so much happiness in our lives. I love shopping for new clothes, bursting crackers and also the fact that we get to eat so many sweets.

Amrita Prakash: Diwali, for me, means buying new clothes, performing Laxmi pooja, making sweets and spending time with my loved ones. Every Diwali I decorate my house with candles and rangolis. Diwali is all about celebration and meeting your friends and family.

Rahul Sharma: Diwali is a festival to spend time with family and close friends. I have a small pooja at home and then catch up with family, friends and their kids. We eat a good meal, burst a few crackers and play cards.

Pariva Pranati: I think Diwali is one of the most beautiful festivals. Each and every place is so well lit that it looks heavenly. I love the lights but I am not a fan of the noise or the smoke. I feel we should be responsible citizens and every festival should be taken as an opportunity to do something good for this world.

Barkha Bisht: I really look forward to celebrating Diwali because I relive my childhood memories of it through my daughter Meira. Her excitement and fun adds light to my life.

Siddharth Arora: We have a family get together every Diwali and have fun burning crackers. It is mandatory in our family that all the cousins, from wherever they are, come to Banaras.

Aparna Dixit: It is one of my favourite times of the year. I am very fond of decorations, especially lights. I embellish my whole house with ‘diyas’, colourful lights, rangolis and flowers during Diwali. I love the whole atmosphere around us. Diyas lit around our colony, the lighting and the happiness of being together with my friends and family is why it makes Diwali all the more special to me.

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