Shah Rukh Khan receives legal notice for Happy New Year Sharabi Song

The composer-singer Surj of the RDB (Rhythm, Dhol Bass) music group claims that the song Sharabi song from mega blockbuster Happy New Year has been used in the film without prior consent from him. Though the film has already crossed 100 crores first day, RDB is not as amused as other crews who worked for the movie.

The song Sharabi was first released by RDB music group in 2012. Initially the band was formed by three Indian Origin British brothers Surjeet Singh,Kuldeep Ral and Manjeet Ral (Surj, Kuly and Manj). When Kuly passed away they disbanded in 2012. The group is now headed and lead by its sole founder Surj RDB with his team of singers, performers and composers.

The credit track for the song was added in Happy New Year just before a few days from release date. The song was choreographed by Ganesh Hegde, with the vocals by Manj, Nindy Kaur and Vishal-Shekhar. But the film only credited only Vishal and Shekhar for the song.

Vexed with this unfair act, Surj has sent a legal notice to Red Chillies Entertainments alleging that his song has been used without consent.

The song was sold to Red Chillies with fake documents by former RDB member Manj. When Surj learnt about it, he sent a notice to Red Chillies requesting that the song credit either be attributed to him or not use it at all. He was told that they would suggest a way out – reported a tabloid.

“It’s a shame that the film has been caught in Manj’s and my split. As the sole lead member of RDB, we continue to perform new and old hits regardless of other people claiming ownership. In spite of this, I wish Shah Rukh Khan and the Happy New Year unit its deserved success”, Surj from RDB told the tabloid.

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