Saif Ali Khan to act in Bollywood adaptation of Japanese detective thriller

Saif Ali Khan to act in Bollywood adaptation of Japanese detective thriller.

Saif Ali Khan Ranked among the top 10 detective novels in Japan, The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino has become popular around the world. We know this by the amount of languages the movie is already being adapted into; apart from already being taken up by Hollywood. Bollywood, too is not too far behind and Ekta Kapoor is credited with the honour of acquiring the rights that will bring this great story to India.

The movie will be directed by ‘Kahaani’s Sujoy Ghosh. The book by Higashino is a suspense thriller where a frustrated woman who just wants to live in peace snaps and murders her ex husband. Assisted by her neighbour, the two cover up the murder and hide the body. However, the body is eventually discovered. Smelling a rat, a determined detective begins to investigate the series of events, leading to a thrilling and suspense-filled climax.

Saif Ali Khan will reportedly star as one of the leads in the movie. We are not sure which role he will be slated for yet, but we hear fans will see an all new side of Saif. The book has two main male characters, possibly the detective and the neighbour and one main female one, who will be playing the wife. So, Saif will probably be playing either the Indian Sherlock or the guilty neighbour. It is still unclear who will be cast in the other two roles, but Saif’s star-power itself is sure to propell the film forward in the box office.

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