Happy New Year generates Rs 45 crore on the opening day

Happy New Year generates Rs 45 crore on the opening day

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We have heard so much about the Shah Rukh Khan starrer this month. About how it will beat Bang Bang at the Box office, be the biggest release for a Bollywood movie ever and give movie-goers something to do this Diwali. Apparently, we have learnt that Happy New Year has rung in on its post-Diwali opening day with a whopping Rs 44.97 crore, breaking all previous records at the Bollywood box office.

Farah Khan now has bragging rights to claim the highest revenue collected from a Bollywood film on its opening day.

Shah Rukh Khan’s previous record was with Chennai Express last year which collected Rs 33.10 crore, making it the highest grossing film till date until Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 took over with an opening day collection of over Rs 36 crore. SRK seems to have reclaimed the record with Happy New Year again. This obviously means Happy New Year has beaten Bang Bang considerably—the Hritik starrer had an opening revenue of only Rs 27 crore.

Venky Mysore, CEO RCE is delighted that the audience has responded so brilliantly and shown their support for a film that has been produced with a lot of passion and love.

The film was dubbed in Telugu and Tamil, earning Happy New year an additional Rs. 1.43 crore  and 0.92 crore respectively apart from a revenue of 42.62 crore in Hindi.

Despite mostly receiving mixed reviews, It will be sometime before another film can dethrone Happy New Year.

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