Bollywood Movies releasing on 31 Oct 2014

Bollywood Movies releasing on 31 Oct 2014 are Super Nani, Roar and Fireflies.


fireflies poster Rahul Khanna

Directed by: Sabal Singh Sheikhawat

Produced by: Rakesh Dubey

Cast: Monica Dogra, Rahul Khanna, Arjun Mathur, Shivani Ghai, Aadya Bedi

Wild Geese Pictures Production company:


The movie is a drama which follows the lives of two brothers. While one brother is a successful banker, the other is a high school drop out and finds it difficult to make ends meet. Estranged for 15 years, the two are brought together by coincidence because of something in their past.


Super Nani

Super Nani Rekha Poster

Directed by: Indra Kumar

Produced by : Indra Kumar, Ashok Thakeria

Cast: Rekha, Sharman Joshi, Randhir Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Shweta Kumar


The movie follows the transformation of Bharti Bhatia, played by Rekha. Bharti is a typical Indian housewife who selflessly takes care of her family and is used as a doormat instead. Enter grandson Mann, a failed photographer cum filmmaker who decides to change his nani’s life.

He gives her a complete makeover and sends her pictures to various ad agencies. This transforms the old nani to a successful brand ambassador.

Her family’s attitude changes completely towards her and she is given a new lease in life. It is an inspiring movie which is especially relevant for women.



roar poster

Directed by: Kamal Sadanah

Produced by : Abis Rizvi

Cast: Abhinav Shukla, Himarsha V, Achint Kaur, Subrat Dutta, Virendra Singh Ghuman, Naura Fatehi, Ali Quli, Aaran Chaudhary, Aadil Chahal and Pranay Dixit


The movie begins with a photo journalist named Uday who finds a white tiger cub while on an assignment in the Sunderbans. The cub was trapped in a poacher’s trap and Uday rescues it and takes it to a little village in which he is living. The villagers panick, so the forest warden whisks the cub away. In search of her young, the mother of the cub, a royal Bengal tigeress arrives in the village. Her instincts lead her to the photographer’s pplace. Frustrated at not finding her cub,

She lashes out at Vijay, kills him and takes away his body.

Uday’s brother, Pundit who is captain of an elite commando team comes to claim his brother’s body. Not receiving help from the forst warden, he decides to look for the tiger along with a small team he puts together. But the tiger is clever too and a thrilling action-filled hunt ensues.

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