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Bang Bang rides on star cast and Haider on reviews

Bang Bang rides on star-cast and Haider on reviews

Two movies battle it out in the 5 day weekend

The longest weekend this year is almost over and even if you aren’t really a film buff, chances are your friends and family have already roped you into watching either Bang Bang or Haider this week.

bang bang posterWith a budget of Rs. 140 Cr and the star cast of Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif along with the promise of some wicked stunts; you’d have expected the movie to be a hit. However, critics have given the film some rather stinging reviews, claiming the movie involves a drawn out sequence which includes a mad chase through several locations and an unconvincing storyline based on its Hollywood inspiration, Knight and Day. However, the general public seems to have been lured in by Hrithik’s promotional Efforts and the sizzling chemistry between the lead cast, making Rs.27.54 for the action-packed film by Siddharth Anand on its first day at the box office.

Shahid Kapoor HaiderOn the other hand, Haider by Vishal Bhardwaj seems to have done just the reverse. Having been applauded by critics and made on the relatively humble budget of 24 Cr; the tragedy-drama received only Rs.6.14 Cr on it’s opening day.

While we can say that Bang Bang has run over Haider during the initial stage, reviews and word of mouth in favour of Haider will ensure the film does well for a long time to come. Metros like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad have given the film a warm welcome. The celebs of the Bollywood industry, who were treated to a special preview of the film in Mumbai, were also very vocal in their praise for the film.

A super hit movie is not just one based on the number of people who watch it, but won in which the amount the film makes is significantly higher than the amount pumped into it.

Akin to some instances in the past.

Like the same day release of the 1990 movies Dil and Ghayal, it is probably a better idea for films to release in the market solo rather than with some competition involved. We saw a similar instance this year in early June when Akshay Kumar’s Holiday: A Soldier is Never Off Duty clashed with the release Ajay Devgn’s Action Jackson, with the former admitting that he did not think it was a good idea for two big movies to release on the same day. “But at the end of the day, it is the people who put in the money and take the final call. We are one industry and one family. Whatever we earn comes into the same kitty,” concluded Akshay Kumar.

Will Bang Bang’s first Big Bang be its only one, fizzling out to Bhardwaj’s Haider? Or will the sizzling onscreen chemistry between Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan prove to be hotter than a movie set in war-torn Kashmir? We can only wait and watch as we bid goodbye to our last long holiday.

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