Losing weight needs two things- initiative and lots and lots of willpower. I think the latter is more in order to achieve your target.

The fact remains what you eat has a huge impact on your health and body weight. But anyone who has ever tried to modify their diet for the sake of losing weight knows it isn’t so simple.

Breakfast is more important

Breakfast is most meal important of the day

All of us know intuitively that green vegetables are healthier than yummy pizzas. We give so much of ‘gyan’ about sugar, fat, gluten, and antioxidants all day to the people around us but by the end of afternoon we ordered extra cheese pizza.

The real secret is the understanding of your behaviours and motivations at their roots, and using this information to have a meaningful impact on your health. In this sense, good health starts in your brain, not on your plate.

Women walking tellyportalAny habit we wish to develop needs to impart a meaningful reward in order for it to stick. You can probably guess that some vague promise of future thinness is not sufficient––the reward for any habit needs to be immediate and tangible. This means that in order to achieve long-term weight control you need to find healthy foods you actually enjoy eating, physical activities you like doing, and spend your time making these as convenient and accessible as possible.

For example, have your dinner three hours before you hit the bed. Start eating your favourite fruit as mid- snacks rather than munching those unhealthy packaged snakes. Go for 15 minutes brisk walk in the morning. Just take an initiative. Do it regularly.

But don’t be over enthusiastic. So, don’t try to develop too many habits at once. Work on just two or three habits at a time, and build from there. Start with the easiest ones and work your way up. Once you’ve built enough good habits, your health will take care of itself.

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