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Salman Khan shoots Bigg Boss 8 promo at Mumbai airport

Bigg Boss 8

Bigg Boss 8

‘Dabang’ of Bollywood, Salman Khan recently shot for a promo for Bigg Boss 8 at the Mumbai domestic airport. The airport authorities ensured that the actor wasn’t mobbed during the shoot.


Special arrangements were made for Salman, and the airport authorities provided high level security, so that Salman wouldn’t get mobbed. The day looked busy with over 100 crew members setting up the shoot for the promo.


There is a buzz that Salman’s pilot getup has to do with the fact that the Bigg Boss house this time will be shaped like an aircraft. Notably, the teasers of Bigg Boss 7 had cast Salman in a double role, as a pious Angel and the mischievous devil. The angel-devil theme was also integrated into the show.


The promo though confirms that Salman will indeed host Season 8 of the show. This is the fifth time the superstar will be the face of the popular reality TV show, quite in contrast to Salman’s statement barely a month ago where he hinted that he was not sure if he would continue hosting Bigg Boss anymore.


Salman had also then stated that in his absence, Shah Rukh Khan would be the right person to host the show, raising speculations if SRK had indeed been approached by Colors, the channel that airs the show. Sources have said that the aircraft-shaped Bigg Boss house is meant to add novelty to the show this year. The interior decor will give the feel that the entire abode is a gigantic craft flying in the air. Whether such a gimmick manages to impress the audience, we will know when the show goes on air around September or October.

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